Pete's Walks - The North Bucks Way

Post-walk comments

I didnít enjoy walking the North Bucks Way as much as some of the other walks that Iíve done. Having spent most of the summer walking in the Chiltern hills, most of the North Bucks Way seemed very flat and fairly monotonous in comparison (not that the Chilterns are exactly mountainous!). Nor did there seem to be much of historical or other interest on the route Ė a few grand houses were passed, such as Waddesdon Manor and Whaddon Hall, but these were only glimpsed at a distance whereas the Chiltern Way went right past several such places (e.g. Greyís Court, Hampden House). It was also very noticeable that the North Bucks Way did not pass through much woodland - consequently long stretches seemed to go through endless fields without the variety of an occasional path through a wood.

The first two days were very enjoyable, but this might be partly due to the excellent weather I had for them. The second day in particular was very good, with a bit more variety in the terrain and in the scenery. The next two days were OK, but nothing special. The final day was pleasant in one or two parts, but basically itís a walk nobody would do if it wasnít part of a long-distance path Ė unless they had a penchant for walking through the residential and industrial areas of a large modern town like Milton Keynes.