Pete's Walks - Disclaimer and notes regarding maps

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I provide route descriptions for some walks on the understanding that I am not responsible for the safety or well-being of any one who chooses to follow these routes.

To the best of my knowledge the routes are entirely on public rights of way or within areas that are open for public access.

WARNING: When I originally started writing up these walks, I didn't really intend them to be used as 'route descriptions' for other people to follow. However I am aware that a few people are using them that way - so I should point out that I don't always give enough details in the written descriptions for them to be used that way. Also, unfortunately, I have a dreadful tendency to get 'left' and 'right' confused. So if you want to try any of these walks yourself, I very strongly recommend that you try to follow the route on a map first.  The Google Map I provide with each walk may be of some help with navigation. If you do find (or think you find) any mistakes please let me know by email  and I will make any corrections as soon as I can (usually I check emails every day).

Note about the maps

All the maps on this web site have been created using 'Google Maps', which stores the maps on Google's own web pages. The maps are therefore external links, rather than pages within my web site. I am not responsible for any advertising material that may appear on them, and do not personally endorse any such products. Nor am I responsible for any 'cookies', etc., that the map pages may possibly try to create on your computer. Although the map pages may include links providing convenient direct access to other Internet sites, I do not endorse, approve, certify or make warranties or representations as to the accuracy of the information on these sites.

The maps have only been drawn very roughly, in order to give a general outline of the route. THEY ARE NOT ACCURATE (and if you zoom in on them they become even more inaccurate!). They most certainly should not be used as a guide for a walk (I always give details of the relevant OS Explorer maps in the 'About the ....'  or 'About my walk' sections of my long-distance footpath journals). Nor do they indicate the existence of any public right of way.

You can zoom in and out of the maps, by moving the sliding bar on the vertical scale or by clicking the '+' or '-' buttons above and below the scale.

You can view a different area, either by left-clicking anywhere on the map and dragging it, or by left-clicking and dragging the small rectangle on the inset map in the bottom right corner.

You can also switch from a map view to a satellite view by clicking the 'satellite' button. If you click the 'hybrid' button, you get the satellite view with the main features of the map view superimposed.

If you right-click anywhere on the map, you are given the options to zoom in, zoom out, or reposition the map centred on where you clicked.

Note that the maps appear in a new window - this is so that you can refer to the map at any time while you are reading the corresponding journal entry.

Have fun!