Pete's Walks - Bernwood Jubilee Way

About my walk

I walked the Bernwood Jubilee Way in eight days spread over February and March 2007. As is by now usual for me on these long-distance paths, I walked it ‘both ways’, each day walking about 7.5 miles along the route, then turning round and retracing my steps back to my starting point.

Because of the time of year that I did this walk, and because it was an unusually wet winter, much of the route was very muddy when I walked the Bernwood Jubilee Way. It is a relatively flat and low-lying route, with quite lengthy sections close to streams or rivers that were the boundaries of the hunting forest. Consequently it was probably a mistake to do this walk in winter, as it was always more likely to be affected by wet conditions than say a walk in the chalk hills of the Chilterns. If anyone is thinking of walking the Bernwood Jubilee Way, I would strongly recommend doing it in late spring or early summer when the wildflowers are at their best. The guide book is especially good on wildflowers, and I am thinking of going back and doing some sections again to see the wildflowers.

All the mileages given are very, very approximate and are not to be relied upon.

Click here to see a very rough map of the Bernwood Jubilee Way (but only if you have already read my disclaimer and notes regarding maps).

Note: I have numbered each photograph (in red) and inserted the same number in the text to show where in the walk the photo was taken.

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View over Vale of Aylesbury from Brill (day 1)