Pete's Walks - Cross Bucks Way

About my walk

I walked the Cross Bucks Way in both directions, thus making a 48-mile walk. I did it in 3 days spread over February 2006, walking about 16 miles each day (8 miles in each direction).

All the mileages given are very, very approximate and are not to be relied upon. I got them by measuring in thumb lengths on the map and found that the three walks were all of a fairly similar length, so just divided the total length of 24 miles by three.

Click here to see a very rough map of the Cross Bucks Way (but only if you have already read my disclaimer and notes regarding maps).

Note: I have numbered each photograph (in red) and inserted the same number in the text to show where in the walk the photo was taken.

Picture omitted

Addington (Day 2)